Lettings101 appraisals and tenant reputation management.

Question: Still dependant on outdated references that can be fabricated?
Answer: Lettings101 is a tool to research from peer-to-peer data quickly.

In a nutshell.

Connect with other local/national agencies as a fantastic solution to the reference issue.

It’s easy to set-up, and the benefits are numerous.

A better way is to appraise each stay.

Together, we’re moving beyond references.

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Tenant reputation management.

Lettings101 revolves around two basic questions:

1. How can exceptional tenants differentiate themselves from the madding crowd?
2. How can agents ensure tenants are truly reputable?

A new dimension for your business opens-up with appraising:

  • Create and search a databank of end-of-tenancy appraisals.
  • Encourage local and national peer-to-peer co-operation.
  • Ensure your clients aren’t disappointed by your tenant choices.
  • Possibly reward and retain more favourable tenants?
A catalyst for change
Agencies are no longer required to remain isolated islands anymore.