Lettings101 appraisals and tenant reviews.

Are tenants references putting your agency reputation at risk?

Lettings101 is sophisticated software that’s been developed to appraise, research and reward tenants.

Connect to a UK-wide network of like-minded agencies for peace of mind within this quickly evolving industry.

It’s easy to set-up, and the benefits are numerous.

A better way is to appraise each stay.

Let’s build something great; together.

The Lettings101 Team.

Tenant reputation management.

There’s no need for agencies to stay isolated islands anymore. Our network of like-minded agencies encourages end-of-tenancy appraisals and local collaboration.

  • Bring a new dimension to your lettings business.
  • Search appraisals as part of your vetting process.
  • Local and national co-operation.
  • Ensuring your clients aren’t disappointed by your tenant choices.
Catalyst for change

Seperating game from the truth

The benefits for landlords with respectful tenants are obvious.

The importance of protecting your client’s property is paramount. Working together as a community of like-minded agencies will help build an additional layer of protection against tenants who care little.

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Peace of mind for tenants

The benefits for families that come with being 5-star tenants is immeasurable.

You’re giving tenants the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the madding crowd. Building a repository of 5-star tenants is a win-win situation for those participating.

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Complaining about bad tenants is silly. Either act or endure.