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Building for generations to come.
“Building for generations to come.”

My father had very little influence on my life, nevertheless, when he died at an early age, I was pulled aside by his father (my grandfather) and told that he had a large property used as an investment.

Having had no contact with my father growing up, the news that he was a landlord came as a surprise.

To anyone else, this type of news would have been considered good. However, this news was sullied by unbelievably lousy news.

I’m only paraphrasing here, but apparently, “my father (a pioneering buy-to-let landlord) had tenants, yet the bad news story begins when he was unexpectedly called away on work-related matters for a couple of years.”

He left the management of the property to a very close friend during this time. This person didn’t have the ability to properly manage it.

Because they didn’t properly investigate new tenants coming into the property, the social problems soon began and damage to the property escalated thereafter.

I’m still paraphrasing here, but this story quickly amplified into a horror show.

Apparently, my new found inheritance went up in smoke.

The tenants had bypassed the electric meter and caused a fire that gutted the whole property, and that friend had failed to renew the insurance!

All this happened in the 1990s before the internet became so useful, but what hasn’t changed since those times is human nature.

Today, I’m in the unique position of being a tenant myself with a view of the world like a landlord.

I love renting because it gives me freedom and flexibility within the world, but I’m acutely aware that the lettings industry is a minefield for both tenants and the landlord’s alike!

My ability to be a landlord was taken away, but I feel it’s time to help an industry that needs an upgrade.

Lettings101 is my Phoenix From The Ashes and remembering that lessons can always be learned. Hard lessons learned that’d been generations in the making.

Ultimately, I want my son to own his own home, but if that’s not the case, then I wish for him the ability to prove integrity and negotiate more favourable terms for his own family.

Historical context is everything when assessing new tenant liabilities.

Let’s build something great; together.

Stuart Lovatt
Founder of Lettings101.

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