Achieving a positive appraisal

Landlords and renters appraisals.

The impetus for writing this came when my landlord thanked me and acknowledged my efforts to keep his property nice and maintained.

Such a small token gesture made my efforts feel appreciated as a tenant.

I didn’t aim for praise; I’m a house proud person naturally.

However, I do understand the power of being able to demonstrate that I’m a trustworthy tenant – always have, so giving potential landlords reference and even photographic evidence of my tidy nature, always seemed sensible. Continue reading “Achieving a positive appraisal”

Normalising end-of-tenancy appraisals

Highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly with lettings reviews.

The human species today has wrapped itself in an electronic cocoon of protection.

People today actively seek approval from ‘likes’ on a daily basis through Social Media, chase good financial credit and so seeking recognition from a letting experience is inevitable.

Offering support and recognition within a more modern letting industry will be progressive and inevitable. Continue reading “Normalising end-of-tenancy appraisals”

The motivation

Why Lettings101?

Today, I met a private landlord who’d heard about Letting101’s embryonic development.

He wanted me to view his property after several months of stress dealing with and evicting tenants after they stopped paying rent.

This is his astonishing story.

The first shock came when I saw the skip on the driveway, and the second shock came when I entered the property and found builders stripping the plaster of the walls. Continue reading “The motivation”