Love My Home

A strategy for adoption (optional).

Peace of mind can be a three-way street.

Gift-wrapped or a simple change of terms and conditions?

The Love My Home campaign by Lettings101.

Looking beyond the reference.

We’ve created an off-the-shelf adoption strategy.

Today, other industries use technology to offer better deals in exchange for data acquisition.

The financial industry has been doing this forever.

Additionally, the Smart Electric Meter rollout was designed to benefit energy companies primarily; however, they’re sold to the general public as ‘energy-saving’ devices to aid adoption.

So to, the car insurance industry is rolling out in-car tracking technology to assess customer driving skills. This deployment began with incentivisation and one day will become compulsory via mission creep.

We’re building a databank as significant as the earliest credit check facilities.

Similarly, just like the financial credit and insurance industries, the lettings industry can track and possibly reward.

Discourage the uncertainties that come with short-term lets by offering a foundation stone of trust to build on.

A better way is to appraise each stay.

Incentivise adoption

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Dear valued customer

We’re excited to announce our pioneering development in rewarding tenants.

The Love My Home campaign was initiated by tenants who wanted to find a way to prove their excellent historical renting record.

We also want to help our tenants nurture and prove their positive rental history, just as you do today with your credit history and benefit from that accordingly.

Subject to conditions, this campaign will allow us to reward tenants with possible longer-term contracts and other financial incentives.

The ability to prove your a fantastic tenant is unprecedented within the industry and were enthusiastic about discovering new ways to give our customers more preferable terms going forward.

Using your National Insurance Number, we will hold appraisal data for the duration of your tenancy and for seven years after your lease has ended. This time is a statutory period of six years plus a further year to allow for proceedings should they commence later.

Information about your tenancy could be shared with other industry professionals who are seeking confirmation and validation of your time with us.

We support this initiative and invite you to participate too.

The Manager
[your agency name]

Appraisal guide
We’re aiming to install a big box of respect into every let property.