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Tenants benefit by proving integrity.

You and your clients benefit from the peace of mind.

Awareness of scrutiny improves conduct.

The Lettings101 search and appraisal network in a nutshell.

We’re connecting local, regional and national lettings experts across the United Kingdom.

Wealth, profession, gender or marital status isn’t any indication of a respectful attitude. Appraisals give peace of mind to your landlord clients and of course your agency staff too.

The importance of protecting your client’s property is paramount and so working allied with other like-minded agencies actually builds confidence in your business and the industry as a whole.

Ultimately, appraisals help other agencies following in your footsteps and vice-versa.

Search National Insurance Numbers as part of your vetting process.

Additionally, help tenants nurture a positive rental history by proving integrity.

From this day forward.


  • We’ll set-up your user accounts.
  • Single accounts or multi-accounts available.
  • No staff training required.
  • Update your terms and conditions.
  • Promote and rollout within your organisation.

Update your legal

We at [your agency name] will hold personal data about you for the duration of your tenancy and for seven years after your lease has ended. This time is a statutory period of six years plus a further year to allow for proceedings should they commence later. Information about your tenancy period at [your agency name] may be shared with other landlords/agencies where you’re looking for a tenancy. We at [your agency name] have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way. In our own legitimate interests, [your agency name] keep appraisal information electronically to back-up our records.

Bask in your new dynamic glory

Our dynamic lettings agency.

Dear valued property owner

We are excited to announce our latest advancements in protecting your property while offering a more proactive service.

Our new cross-agency networking capabilities mean we can bring an extra-dimension to discovering suitable tenants. We will be appraising conduct, cleanliness and rent collection that’ll be stored to help assess tenants needs.

This new Tenant Reputation Management system will build a cross-agency data bank that’s similar to what the financial, insurance and energy sectors already use.

This new networking capability will significantly increase the ‘level of respect’ towards you and your property/properties.

This is a significant step towards improving the lettings industry overall, and we’re excited to be one of its pioneering adopters.

From this day forward.

Thank you for your valued custom.

The Manager
[your agency name]

Reminding tenants that letting a home is a privilege; not a right.