End-of tenancy appraisals

Examining someone in order to judge their qualities or needs.

A better way is to appraise each stay.

Are bad tenants putting your agency reputation at risk?
Are bad tenants putting your agency reputation at risk?

Why Lettings101?

Trust can be a requirement that’s ingrained in every letting agreement.

End-of-tenancy appraisals are the key to that trust.

What does “separating game from the truth” mean?

Game is slang for gaming the system. Peer-to-peer documented evidence brings an element of truth; hence, our “Separating game from the truth” mission statement.

The benefits for agencies and landlords?

A historical context is a powerful tool and peace of mind is a valuable asset.

Why use National Insurance Numbers?

Simply put, everybody has one. Additionally, differentiating ‘John Smith from Cardiff’ from ‘John Smith in North London’ is essential.

What should an appraisal contain?

An appraisal should contain both positive and negative feedback from your experience during the letting agreement. We’re encouraging constructive criticism only.

Our guide to writing appraisals is here.

What are the legal ramifications?

Nowadays, products, organisations, services and even employment contracts receive full appraisal treatment. As long as your points are truthful and not considered false, libellous, defamatory, harassing, hate-filled, then your rights to store documented data are encouraged.

What about GDPR compliance?

Compliance and permission granted from tenants to store and share appraisal data will be in your letting agreement.

You have full control over your appraisal data.

Lettings101 will only communicate with you when necessary and as defined by GDPR.

Further information is at Residential Landlords Association.

Can I read your platform’s policy?

Yes, our usage and service policies can be found here.

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